Our Hearts with You (OHWY) is a community-based humanitarian foundation that strives to ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare for all Syrians.
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Our Hearts with You Initiative Better and equal access to healthcare services for all Syrians. Support for Syria’s health system Medical aid for low-income & marginalized groups Free Healthcare Services Traditional & remote (telemedicine) In 4 governorates: Damascus - Rif Dimashq - Aleppo - Homs Support for the d/Deaf Support for IDPs and Syrian refugees abroad COVID-19 Response COVID-19 Handbook Free consultations

Our Hearts with You

Our Hearts with You (OHWY) is a community-based humanitarian foundation that strives to ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare for all Syrians.

OHWY is a medical foundation that seeks to provide free medical aid to low-income and marginalized groups, including IDPs, persons with disabilities, and people affected by the crisis in Syria.

We currently operate in four governorates - Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Aleppo, and Homs - and we employ modern technology, including telemedicine, to reach as many beneficiaries as possible.

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We have partnered with several pharmaceutical companies to provide prescription drugs at no charge to those in need.

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Medical Examinations

We run general and specialized clinical examinations for symptoms and signs of possible medical conditions before we transfer the patient accordingly to the relevant department.

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Imaging and Radiology

Diagnostic imaging and radiology services are essential for identifying certain medical conditions and making accurate diagnoses.

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Lab Tests

Our services cover the necessary lab tests to reach an accurate diagnosis. This includes testing samples of urine, blood, and other body tissues based on the medical condition to be identified.

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Surgical Procedures

Our team of experienced surgeons provide their services in a range of specialties whenever a case requires surgical intervention.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Contrary to popular belief, mental health services are a necessity, not a luxury. We seek to remove the stigma about mental illness and encourage more people to ask for help.


Meet Our Team

We are proud in our hearts with you that we consist of a team of doctors, pharmacists, administrators, specialists in computer science, design and scientific research. They work daily on a voluntary basis.
We love what we do and we strive to achieve equitable access to healthcare for all Syrians.

IT Department Manager
Medical Team Member
Head of Research Department
Head of Recruitment Division
Medical Department Manager
Medical Team Member
Medical Team Member
Founder & Managing Director

Gallery of Our Campaigns ``Kamameh w Tabshora``

Kamameh and Tabshoura, or Mask and Chalk, is a health awareness campaign carried out by the “Our Heart With You” initiative, as part of the national plan in cooperation with the Youth Leaderships Programme (YLP) in Syria.
This campaign targeted children coming back to school in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which aims to raise awareness about methods of prevention and personal protection.

Welcome to join us and ensure more Syrians have access to good healthcare.